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Joe Kowalski Chronicles is a neo noir point and click adventure game. It's dark mystery with horror elements. 


"Joe Kowalski Chronicles - Murder in a flat" is short prequel to series expect around 45 min of gameplay and a good fun. Game uses standard point and click gameplay such as movement, action menu for interactions, and basic inventory. You can also pull out a gun when simple talk can't solve problems (exactly like in Blade Runner from '97), just be careful not to shoot someone. Also rare are quick action scenes which are there mostly to make some kind of choice.


Simple story follows this prequel, detective Joe Kowalski is called on a crime scene in his neighborhood. Crime happend short time ago, woman has been brutally murdered and his job is to find killer. He's close by but who it is?  Walk around through one floor of the building collect everything you can (don't worry all will be useful), pick up clues, combine them and find out truth about what happened to a woman.

Short trailer:

Another - new trailer is out:

UPDATE - Voiceover trailer: 

we launched trailer with voiceover from Nick McCallum

Jan 2021 UPDATE - STEAM PAGE IS OUT check it out here and wishlist the game:


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Joe Kowalski Chronicles were published on https://adventuregamers.com/

It's under official news  - there are some more details there about the game so check it out:


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Will you release it this year finally?

Thank you for the interest, and very sorry to keep you waiting but last year was very bad in terms of development, this new one is more promising and some new content will be added in next months. I'm pretty confident it will be out in 2022. Keep an eye out for the news.

Will the full game be released on Itch.io when it's ready ?

I'll try to put it here as well but can't promise anything...worst case it will be free to play at Steam.